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What kind of translation types do we have according to text features?

Standard text (ST) and specialized text (SPT).

Who determines the type of translation text and what criteria he uses?

The translator determines translation type based on criteria such as specific terms, complexity of words and expressions, language difficulty, etc.

What are the kinds of translation orders and which are the deadlines for their implementation?

The translation company offers to its clients three kinds of orders – ordinary (OO), fast (FO) and express (EO). Ordinary order is managed within three working days. Its volume is up to 3 pages per day for standard text and up to 2 pages per day for specialized text. Example: if you have standard text with volume of 9 pages, it will be ready in 3 working days. Fast order has volume up to 3 pages and is executed within 24 hours. Express order is with volume up to 2 pages and is managed for 1-8 hours according to text complexity.

What is a tour-guide interpreter?

Our clients can take benefit of a tour-guide interpreter. He is a person appointed by the translation agency, whose language skills both in Bulgarian and foreign language are perfect. He accompanies the client and assists him in communication, daily activities and business relations. He also presents interesting tourist information and curious facts.